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Hello, my name is Jon Hagood, currently based in Austin/Round Rock Tx. My passion for design and code began about 6 years ago. Naturally, I hand-code my designs myself, using clean and valid XHTML & CSS with a particular attention to cross-browser compatibility.


I recently submitted my site to website grader, and I am pretty happy with the results even though some of the things it is giving me negatives for are kinda ridiculous see. I was also recently listed on Hotcssdesign.com which I am very proud of as well.


New blog was added to update with new info and cool surprises that I have found on the web! I also included new info added to the site as well as general items. View Blog

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Jon is a Web Designer based in the Austin area.

Started working on computers at a very young age, and by the time I was 21 I built my own computer from scratch. After doing that I found it was a very big accomplishment, and moved forward from there. I got into designing webpages at an even younger age which started off from a small company called Expage.com The problem with doing a web site with them is they limit the amount of code/photos/scripts you can use. After becoming more experienced in design/production I decided to go to school and got my degree in computer science which gave me the basics, and would help be succeed in the web industry.

I have now been working and doing designs, and production a little over 4 years and this is why I decided to build an online portfolio. If you have any questions or comments please feel free reach me through email on the contact page or you can also find me on Facebook.


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Jhagood.com Old Design

Being a fan of the beach, I wanted to do a design that had the grunge beach look to it. The main photo in the pic was actually taken by me at a friends beach house a few years back! This will always be one of my favorite designs.

Gomez Flooring Inc.

Gomez Flooring inc. Is one of my favorite designs, I wanted to go out on a limb, and think that the final look for this company came out very well. They are one of the biggest flooring companies in San Antonio TX.

Just Trees Inc.

Just Trees is a family owned company that has been around since 1988. They strive in the tree cutting industry to do there best and also build credibility through out the austin area. Design I did was based off of their current business cards.

Mike's Auto Repair

Mikes Auto is a full automotive service that offers all different types of services for your vehicle. I went with a old fashioned theme which i think set off the look and feel of his site perfectly.

Swank Enrichment Center

Swank Enrichment Center is a organization that helps students get on track with schooling and assisting, They work primary with younger kids, the design I did for them was more of a soft and clean look.

Autumn Winds Retirement

Autumn Winds Retirement Homes is a facility that takes pride in care for their patients, they are well known in the San Antonio area which is why I wanted to do a design that stood out to their clientele.

1155 Barton Springs

Barton Springs Is a definite Place for luxury living, This site was basically converted from a full flash site to a full html/css site. Also made minor adjustments, to the design.

Block House Creek

Block House Creek Owners Association was a fun design to do for them, they wanted something colorful, and also something that would stand out to all ranges of people. From young and old.


San Antonio Alternative Housing Corporation Is known for helping people with low income find housing, and a comfortable living. I choose the colors for a brighter look but at the same time a clean feel. This design was entered into GD USA magazine and won a award!


Inlingua helps people from other countries learn english in a quick and timely manner. They preferred more of a clean business look with a faded red and gray colors.

Century 21

About 1 year ago we were creating music players for online radio for different companies and there was a few I did that I really liked. This one was for Century 21, I thought this design fit well for them.

Bunker Guns

I did this design directed a little more towards there type of industry. they wanted a more grunge design but also very informative at the same time which is what I tried to create.


A couple years ago Carmax came to us wanting a online radio page to where they could produce there own radio and stream it live to people over the internet, I went ahead and created this design for them, the page is built in with custom icons as well as built in player.

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